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PEBS has a large team of decorating professionals, and our range of decorating projects makes up a considerable percentage of the companies’ turnover. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality painting and decorating in London at a competitive price.

Examples of the type of tasks our multi skilled team carry out are as follows

  • Costings produced by our pricing formulas ensure quote can be turned round quickly
  • Full external decorating packages
  • Bespoke finishes for interior refurbishment projects
  • Pre and post tenancy decoration
  • Decoration and restoration of commercial areas
  • Decoration services for commercial clients

Why Paint?

There are so many reasons why people choose to paint their homes. They could add some colour to a drab space, make a room more welcoming, or even transform a boring wall into something eye-catching. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that painting and decorating in London is one of the most rewarding ways to improve your home.

Choosing A Colour Scheme

If you’re planning to paint a room, choosing a colour scheme is an essential part of the process. You’ll need to decide what colours will work together well and how much contrast you’d like between each other. 

This means that you should consider the following when deciding on a colour scheme:

  • What do you want to achieve with the room? Is it going to be a relaxing retreat, a bright and cheerful spot to entertain guests, or somewhere you spend a lot of time?
  • How big is the room? Will you be using bold colours or soft pastels?
  • Do you have any existing furniture in the room? If so, does it match the rest of the house?

Preparing Walls For Painting

Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme, you’ll need to prepare the walls before painting:

  • Remove anything nailed to the wall, such as pictures, hooks, or electrical sockets.
  • Use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth any rough patches or cracks.
  • Apply a primer coat to the entire surface of the wall.

Paints & Primers

Next, choose a paint colour. You can do this by using a paint chip sample kit or visiting a local hardware store. If you buy a paint sample kit, purchase one with a matte finish. Matte paints tend to dry more quickly than glossy ones, so you won’t have to wait as long between coats.

Tools Of The Trade

Once you’ve chosen a paint color, you’ll need to prepare the walls before applying the first coat. Start by cleaning the surface thoroughly. This will remove any dirt or grime that might interfere with the application of the paint. Then use a tack cloth to wipe away any dust particles. Finally, apply a primer to the wall. Primer helps the paint adhere better to the wall.

Why work with us?


We have 15 year experience in refurbishing and maintaining London property.


Customers are happy when we hit deadlines with a high-quality finish, on a consistent basis.


Our goal is to become the leading provider of quality refurbishment and maintenance service in London.


We are committed to developing excellent partnerships through good communication with our clients.

Customers reviews

The project was to carry out full external redecoration of a block. PEBS currently look after the block in Marylebone, and they carried out the work very professionally. The entire team were very courteous when dealing with the residents, and the 200 odd sash windows looked transformed once the decorators had finished.
Paul Surveyor
West End, London
Having used PEBS on a previous project, I called them in to redecorate my flat in preparation for putting it on the market. They did an excellent job.
Kensington, London
The flat looked transformed once the decorators had finished. PEBS advised on the colour scheme to make the most appeal to potential new tenants.
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